Healthy Coffee® CEO Rick Aguiluz Announces the Opening of the Healthy Coffee® Las Vegas Office 4/7/2012

Don Palalay, Maria Henry, Arielle Duave

Rick Aguiluz, Robert Henry

FACCGN member Arielle Duave, Founding Member of Healthy Coffee® USA, along with CEO Rick Aguiluz held an inaugural meeting at their new sales office located at the Pacific Asian Plaza at 5115 Spring Mtn Blvd, Suite 211G, Las Vegas, NV  89146.  Healthy Coffee International, Inc. (OTC: HCEI.PK) CEO Mr. Aguiluz said: “We do free Healthy Coffee® taste tests and business opportunity meetings at least three times a week. Our exclusive automatic vending machine is on display. This office location is very convenient for our growing distributor base”.

Philippine Bisayan Society of Nevada Picnic 4/7/2012 Las Vegas, NV

The Philippine Bisayan Society of Nevada Picnic was held 4/7/2012.  FACCGN members attended the event which featured raffle prizes, children activities, music, dancing and plenty of food.

Kalani Hoo, Manny Basco, Bob Jastren - Raffle winner: Rice Cooker

Alpha Omega Group of Services, Inc Grand Opening 4/2/2012, Las Vegas NV

Seated: Nida Velasquez, AOGS Board Member Linda Villa,
Big Services Broker Glenda Bough. Standing: AOGS Board Member Gary Velasquez, Broker Owner BIG Services Val Bough, Robert Silos, Ruben Cerezo, AOGS Board Member Tom Villa, Val's grand daughter, AOGS Board Member Aireen Aquino, AOGS Board Member Ralph Aquino, AOGS Board Member Joe Camacho, FACCGN Board Member Maria Henry

FACCGN member Joe Camacho, head of the Alpha Omega Group of Services, Inc Las Vegas office, welcomed guests to the Grand Opening of their offices today located at 6655 W Sahara Avenue, Suite A100, Las Vegas, NV  89146.  Visitors and associates from affiliated Alpha Omega offices in California came to join the festivities.

Christie Garcia, Joe Camacho, Mita del Fierro, Maria Henry, Val Bough


NaFFAA NV Honors Community Leaders 3/30/2012, Las Vegas NV

Community Leaders (Photo: Zenaida Laluna)

Nevada state chapter of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), led by Chairperson Amie Belmonte held an event in honor of approximately 30 leaders of various Las Vegas community associations.  Held at the Salo Salo Grill in Las Vegas, the event’s keynote speaker, FACCGN’s Director of Government and Community Affairs, Mng Rozita Lee (2 time former NaFFAA National Vice-Chair) emphasized the need for unification of all the groups and organizations in our Community.

Rozita Lee

Last year’s organizers of NaFFAA’s highly successful Fiesta Filipino, Noel Cazimero (NaFFAA NV Special Events Exec) and FACCGN Board Officer Ranier Galgana (NaFFAA NV’s Chief Liason Officer) unveiled the plans for this year’s Fiesta Filipino to be held at the Boulevard Mall on June 2 and 3, 2012.  Particular comment was made regarding the Asian population demographic from the 2010 census indicating that the Asian population in Nevada more than doubled over the last ten years, and that the Filipino population in Nevada is larger than all the other Asians combined.

Ranier Galgana, Minddie Lloyd, Maria Henry, Amie Belmonte, Robert Henry, Rozita Lee, Mita del Fierro, Christie Garcia

Noel Casimiro

Ranier Galgana, Cynthia Derequito, Amie Belmonte

Amie Belmonte

White House Urban Economic Forum in Las Vegas March 29, 2012

Tony Hsieh, Rozita Lee, Robert Henry, Olive Enriquez, Maria Henry

White House Urban Economic Forum March 29, 2012, Las Vegas NV

FACCGN members attended a significant opportunity to meet and network with local and national leaders at an Urban Economic Forum hosted by the White House.  The keynote speaker, Tony Hsieh is a legendary entrepreneur who moved his highly successful company Zappos from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas several years ago.  Since then, Mr. Hsieh has been responsible for significant private investments in the Las Vegas community, particularly in the Downtown area, including his purchase of the old Las Vegas City Hall property.  Mr. Hsieh commented on his interest as a Las Vegas resident to help shape a vibrant world-class Downtown area by forging innovative Public/Private partnerships designed to create a highly attractive and successful environment for living, working, and playing.

Edna White, Rozita Lee, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Kathleen Bruening, Jesica Ball, Andres Ramirez

Speakers included Marie Johns, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration, and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.  For a complete list of the several other notable speakers who were present at the event, please contact Jacki or Andres Ramirez:

Meeting at Senator Harry Reid’s Office 3/28/2012, Las Vegas, NV

Meeting at Senator Harry Reid’s Office 3/28/2012, Las Vegas, NV

Members of FACCGN met with Senator Reid’s representatives Ms. Melissa Varelis and Ms. Sara Moffat at Senator Reid’s office in Las Vegas today. Thanks to Mng Rozita Lee for setting up the meeting.

We enjoyed our conversation with Ms. Varelis and Ms. Moffat which included topics such as Alternative Energy Production, the Filipino American and Asian demographic in Nevada, our Chamber’s efforts to encourage and support Economic Development through International Trade with businesses in the Philippines & Asia. Thanks to Ms. Varelis and Ms. Moffat for their offer to help our Chamber with information and support in order to further our Chamber’s purpose.

Jude Nazareth, Robert Henry, Sara Moffat, Melissa Varelis, Rozita Lee, Ben Menor

FACCGN Working Board Meeting 3/27/2012

FACCGN Working Board Meeting 3/27/2012, Las Vegas, NV

Our guests tonight included Mr. Ben Menor, Exec Dir of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC) who was instrumental in helping us form our Chamber last May, and continues to support us with his guidance and training.  We welcome Mr. Menor’s contributions to our Chamber’s efforts in fulfilling our purpose.  We also welcome and thank our guest and friend Ms. Soonhee Baily, Esq.  We appreciate her participation and support. Our Board Meetings continue to be open to all our members, friends, and guests.  We welcome your participation!

Ben Menor, Maria Henry, Mita del Fierro, Bob Jastren, Christie Garcia, Robert Henry, Rozita Lee, Roy Nakamura, Minddie Lloyd, Soonhee Bailey, Jude Nazareth

“Empowering Success” Event: NV Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Maria Henry, Christie Garcia, Mendy Elliott, Robert Henry

March 27, 2012 Las Vegas, NV

Mendy Elliott with the State of Nevada Small Business Credit Program gave a presentation this morning outlining how the State of Nevada plans to make funding available from a $13.8 million allocation awarded to Nevada from the Federal Government under “The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010”.  Ms Elliott described the Program’s design as a collaboration with a number of local resources including UNLV’s Small Business Development Center.  The funding has been allocated to Nevada lending institutions with the mandate that they be made available to Nevada business applicants.  One of the significant Program elements is the “Collateral Support Program” which is designed to provide a mechanism to fill the equity gap that is evident in Balance Sheets of many Nevada small businesses due to the current challenging economic environment.

FACCGN members are encouraged to apply for funding while the window of opportunity is open.  Please contact FACCGN board members for additional information.

Governor Sandoval’s “Home Means Nevada” Housing Expo March 9, 2012

Robert Henry, Maria Henry, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

Board Chair, Robert Henry and Board Secretary, Maria Henry met Governor Sandoval on March 9, 2012 at his “Home Means Nevada”expo at Cashman Center in Las Vegas. Robert briefly discussed with Gov Sandoval how FACCGN could work together with his office and NV agencies regarding the economic development platform FACGN has been shaping up: Creating a platform to generate NV trade directly with businesses in our Asian home countries.  Gov Sandoval suggested that his assistant would get in touch with us regarding the topic.  Attendee count at the Expo was reportedly 1,700 on March 9 and 2,300 on March 10.

FACCGN March Member Orientation & Networking Event March 20, 2012

Maggie Cassara, Single Family Programs Officer with the Nevada State Housing Division. Photo By: Robert Henry.

Ed Brown, Chief Of Finance with the US Small Business Administration Las Vegas office. Photo By: Robert Henry

FACCGN held its monthly Member Event on March 20, 2012 at the Marbeya Business Center in Las Vegas.  “Connections” guest speakers included:  Maggie Cassara, Single Family Programs Officer with the Nevada State Housing Division; and Ed Brown, Chief Of Finance with the US Small Business Administration Las Vegas office.

Photo By: Vic Esquivel

Our Member Spotlight welcomed new members Colette Manauis, Travel Consultant with Travel by Design, and Romel Laud, President & CEO of  Earthdrillings Corporation.

Mita del Fierro, Colette Manauis, Robert Henry. Photo: Vic Esquivel

Mita del Fierro, Romel Laud, Robert Henry. Photo: vic esquivel.

Special thanks to Members:  Joe Camacho of BIG for providing the venue; Liza Ochiai of Aloha Kitchen for providing some of the food; Vic Esquivel for additional photos; FACCGN Board and Committee members for organizing and supporting the event.