White House Urban Economic Forum in Las Vegas March 29, 2012

Tony Hsieh, Rozita Lee, Robert Henry, Olive Enriquez, Maria Henry

White House Urban Economic Forum March 29, 2012, Las Vegas NV

FACCGN members attended a significant opportunity to meet and network with local and national leaders at an Urban Economic Forum hosted by the White House.  The keynote speaker, Tony Hsieh is a legendary entrepreneur who moved his highly successful company Zappos from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas several years ago.  Since then, Mr. Hsieh has been responsible for significant private investments in the Las Vegas community, particularly in the Downtown area, including his purchase of the old Las Vegas City Hall property.  Mr. Hsieh commented on his interest as a Las Vegas resident to help shape a vibrant world-class Downtown area by forging innovative Public/Private partnerships designed to create a highly attractive and successful environment for living, working, and playing.

Edna White, Rozita Lee, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Kathleen Bruening, Jesica Ball, Andres Ramirez

Speakers included Marie Johns, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration, and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.  For a complete list of the several other notable speakers who were present at the event, please contact Jacki or Andres Ramirez:  http://ramirezgroup.com/contact.htm


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